Best Classic Tours

Best Classic Tours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I make my reservation?

All reservations are booked through Expedia Cruise Ship Centre.

Trevor Sandwell
Tour Arranger, Expedia CruiseShip Centres, Maple Ridge
Tel: 1-888-787-7443
email:; BCREG #53577

Who do I discuss Tour details with?

Trevor Sandwell as above.

How many people will be on the Tour?

Max of 36.

Do I have to attend all the venues listed?

No. We have allowed time for optional venues including non-automotive activities.

Is the coach available for the entire length of the trip?

Yes. Access to the coach on a daily basis is for exclusive use of tour guests.

Is baggage handling part of the service?


Are wheelchairs and walkers allowed?

Due to the amount of walking on the tour guests should be reasonably fit and be independent, not requiring assistance.

Can I fly from my local airport and not Vancouver?

Yes, so long as Air Transat has service from that airport.

Can I use my points and/or fly with an airline other than Air Transat?

Yes. You simply buy a Ground Only trip and meet the Tour at Gatwick July 30, 2016.

Can I return on a different date from the Tour Departure date?

Yes, so long as there is service on that date. Extra charge may be incurred if the rate is higher on your return date.

If I am a single booking can you combine my booking with another single to qualify for the lower double rate?

Yes, we do our best to double up bookings for those guest who are willing to share a hotel room.

I can’t decide if I will be available on those dates. Can I reserve subject to confirmation?

Yes, your deposit is good to hold your seat up to May 30. Note the deposit is non-refundable.